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LFA Appeal Committee Upholds Dolos Ban

By Richard Manuba
LFA Prresident, Musa Hassan Bility
LFA Prresident, Musa Hassan Bility

( decision affirming the 2-year ban against Nimba United Football Club President, Adolphus Dolo, has been handed down by the Liberia Football Association (LFA) Appeal Committee.The LFA Appeal Committee affirmed the 2-year ban against Mr. Dolo Monday, September 2, 2013 in Monrovia.

On Tuesday, August 20, 2013, the LFA Grievance and Disciplinary Committee banned Mr. Dolo from participating in all football activities sponsored by the FA. 

The LFA said: “The FA Grievance and Disciplinary Committee’s August 20 ruling, suspending the former Nimba County Senator and imposing a US$5,000 fine on him, in accordance with Article 135 of the CAF Disciplinary Code, has been upheld by the Appeal Committee.”

This means Mr. Dolo could be out of football matters in Liberia for at least 24 months.

As part of the protest ruling, his football club, Nimba United FC, has already been relegated to the 2nd tier of the local football league.

According to the Code, with the decision of the Appeal Committee, Nimba United will have to endure further punishment for filing the appeal.

It can be recalled, that on June 5, 2013, Watanga F.C filed a protest against Nimba United FC regarding the eligibility of the latter’s Player, Charles A. George. Watanga had argued that player George was ineligible to play.

The protest was submitted to the Grievance Committee, through the FA Secretariat in which Watanga argued player George was ineligible to play.

In handling down its decision, the Appeal Committee said: “We observed that three of the four certificates displayed were exactly what the Health and Social Welfare Ministry had attached to their communication, but they were not submitted to the Grievance and Disciplinary Committee initially at the hearing and therefore we cannot pass on them.”

“The Committee was not accepting new evidence, or documents, rather we were accepting only those already submitted to the Grievance Committee," the Appeal Committee further added.

Meanwhile, the LFA has accepted the ruling and promised to implement it to the letter, saying: “We have forwarded the fraudulent acts on the part of Nimba United to the Appeal Committee for final ruling.”

Based on the records transmitted to us and investigation conducted, it was established that:

1. NUFC did submit a birth certificate to the Grievance Committee. It was later discovered that said certificate was tempered with as indicated in a communication from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, under the signature of Liberia’s Principal Registrar, Solo S. Barton.

2. That the affidavit of confirmation of birth obtained from the office of the Justice of the Peace for Montserrado County and submitted to the Ministry, clearly spelled out that Charles A. George is the biological son of Mr. George Adetu and Quena Flomo.

3. That the certificate presented to the Grievance Committee indicates that the nationality of Charles A. George’s father is Liberian and there is no indication of his mother’s nationality, information quite different from what containing the affidavit submitted.

4. That the President of Nimba United Football Club, after a careful look at the certificate, considered the filing of the certificate as an honest mistake, noting that it was unintentional, because he obtained said certificate from the Health Ministry, among three certificates issued him. He displayed four certificates, three of which were what the Ministry had attached.

Grievance/Disciplinary Committee’s August 20, 2013 Ruling:

“Reference to the case regarding the eligibility of Player, Charles A. George, filed against Nimba United F.C by Watanga F.C. and submitted to the Grievance Committee through the Secretariat on June 5, 2013, please be informed that the Committee has taken this matter very seriously and is taking a multiple approach to investigate what appears to be criminal in nature.”

The Committee had earlier requested the LFA to provide a complete DNA testing results from MedLINK Clinic in Monrovia, under Dr. Robert Kpoto’s supervision of both Messrs. Charles Adetu and Charles George, whose physical likeness to Mr. George Adetu the committee wants to disabuse its mind of.

In the meantime, we have followed up with written and oral communication with authorities at the Ministry of Health and the following have been ascertained as a matter of fact:

1. That the instrument submitted by Nimba United FC, through its President, has a defective facial outlook for the following reason to wit:
a. That there is no hospital in the Republic of Liberia called, "Kakata Health Center," known to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare;
b. That the purported birth certificate carries no name of the father, but instead states “unknown” and yet declares this unknown “supposed” father to be a Liberian; and
c. That the purported document states the supposed name of the mother, but leaves a blank in the space for nationality.

The Committee is of the firm conviction that the document has been fraudulently obtained and as such, we would request that you kindly forward this matter to the Ministry of Justice and the LNP/CID to bring this matter to its conclusive end to determine the veracity of the claims and the level of criminality.

In the meantime, the Committee views the information, submitted by Nimba United through its President, as having been falsified with the intent of making the LFA believe that the player was NOT registered illegally.

Subsequent to the action of HAVING registered the player under false pretence, Nimba United, by and through its President, has also failed to pay the necessary levies and taxes due government for work and other related permits, as required by law for alien resident in Liberia.

Article 135 of the CAF Disciplinary Code of Conduct captioned, "Sanction against Forgery and Falsification" reads:

1. Anyone who, during any football related activity, creates a false
document, forges a document, makes a false claim in a document with
potentially legal repercussions, or uses a forged document to deceive
others will be sanctioned with a suspension for at least six (6) matches.

2. If the perpetrator is an official, the body will pronounce a ban on
performing any football related activity for a period of at least one (1)

3. The legal body may also pronounce a fine of at least five thousand United States Dollars

The Grievance Committee has therefore decided to suspend the President of Nimba United FC for one (1) year and fine Nimba United $5,000, in accordance with Article 135 of CAF Disciplinary Code of Conduct.

Communicating its ruling to the LFA Secretariat, the Appeal Committee said: “Please ensure full implementation of these rulings with immediacy.” 


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