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Justice Minister describes Rights reports as imbalance

By Arthur Douglas
Justice Minister, Cllr. Christiana Tah
Justice Minister, Cllr. Christiana Tah

( Minister, Cllr. Christiana Tah, has described as imbalance, the Human Right Watch reports citing rampant corruption in the Liberia National Police.

Minister Tah said: “The Ministry is not trying to be defensive, but was concerned about the report only being focused on the negative issues about the police. This is not helpful to the system.”

“Such reports could have been objective, if it had equally highlighted both the successes and shortfalls of the police,” Minister Tah also said.

Cllr. Tah spoke at a press conference Monday, September 2, 2013 held at her Justice Ministry office in Monrovia.

Also speaking at the Monday press conference, the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Chris Massaquoi, said: “My administration has already taken aggressive actions against some police officers.”

“About 138 officers were suspended and 69 others dismissed for disorderly conduct,” Col. Massaquoi added.


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