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High Level AU Committee holds technical meeting in Monrovia

By Ferricks Dainsee

 ( High Level Committee (HLC) of the African Union has commenced its Technical Meeting in Monrovia.

The meeting, chaired by Liberia, will develop the frame work for Africa’s Post 2015 Development Program to be included in the United Nations development projects.

According to the head of the Secretariat in Liberia, Dr. Abdulaye Dukuly, the technical committee meeting will also set up the road-map for the HLC meeting, expected to take place in New York later September, 2013.

Dr. Dukuly said: “Discussion will be held on the need for Africa to achieve its development agenda.”

Also speaking, Madam Aida Opoku-Mensah, of the UN Economic Commission for Africa, promised the Commission’s support to the Africa’s Development Agenda.
Madam Opoku-Mensah said: “The ECA will work along with the ADB and AU.The head of the Division of Health, Nutrition and Population of the African Union Commission, Ademola Oladije, noted: “Over the past decade, the African leadership has realized the need to lead their own development process.”

Dr. Olajide said: “The African Union was delighted that African leaders have now taken the driver’s seat in determining their development agenda, and praised President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for leading the way.”

Meanwhile, representatives of Heads of State of the ten Country HLC were expected to meet in Monrovia Saturday, September, 2013 in continuation of the High Level Committee meeting.

The Heads of States representatives will meet to discuss the roadmap being set by the HLP’s technical committee. Details will follow in our subsequent story.


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