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Liberia, Indian entrepreneurs to network

By Alfred Rogers
These could be among some of the Indian entrepreneurs
These could be among some of the Indian entrepreneurs

( entrepreneurs in India have agreed to network with their Liberian counterparts.

According to the President of the Liberian Business Association (LIBA),    Dee-Maxwell Kemayah, the Indian entrepreneurs reached the decision during a brief interaction with their Liberian counterparts upon arrival in India.

Mr. Kemayah is part of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s delegation already in that Asian country.

“While in India, I will negotiate for greater partnership with the Indian business community for the empowerment of Liberian-owned and operated businesses in the country,” Mr. Kemayah said in a dispatch.

The LIBA President further noted: “My visit, along with the president’s, to India is a clear manifestation of government’s preparedness to assist Liberians get exposed to the private sector.”


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