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Justice Minister observes social, moral value problems

By Arthur Douglas
Justice Minister, Christiana Tah
Justice Minister, Christiana Tah

( Minister, Christiana Tah, says the recent secret recording’s content suggests social and moral value system problems among Liberians.

Minister Tah said: “Remarks contained in the secret recordings released by former Liberia Airport Authority Managing Director, Ellen Cockrum, reveal a great deal of disrespect, the lack of trust and loyalty.

The Justice Minister wants Liberians look beyond the remarks on the tapes and their legal implications to begin addressing ill-fated issues that often result from how people relate to one another.

She said: “These vices can be tackled from the stand-point of developing a strong social and moral value system throughout Liberia.” 

“The Ministry was not investigating Defense Minister, Brownie Samukai, for his damaging comments on the tape, but there may arise matters concerning privacy as guaranteed by law,” the Minister also noted.

Minister Tah, however, added: “It was up to Minister Samukai and the other individuals to decide whether or not they want to take up private matters with Madam Cockrum, if they feel their rights were violated.”


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