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3- Day stakeholders confab on agriculture gets underway

By Arthur Douglas
 Fresh fruits
Fresh fruits

( of key stakeholders in the Agriculture sector of West Africa are holding a 3-day conference in Monrovia.

The conference, to take place at the Monrovia City Hall, is reviewing the Maputo Declaration on Food Security and Agriculture in Africa.

The conference is in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Maputo Declaration of Food Security and Agriculture in Africa.

The forum was crafted by the African Heads of State and governments at the African Union’s second Ordinary Session held July 2013.

It calls on various African Governments to allocate at least 10% of their respective national budgetary resources to Agriculture, among others.

Vice President, Joseph Boakai, acknowledged Liberia’s failure in reaching the 10% commitment, but reaffirmed government’s support to the country’s agriculture sector.

Vice Prez. Boakai said: “The country was making a tremendous progress in the Agriculture sector, though there are challenges.”

He welcomed participants and urged that the conference should not focus only on progress and challenges, but also the way forward.

The conference is being jointly conducted by the Agriculture Ministry, the Farmers Union Network of Liberia, and the Network of Peasant Organizations.

Others are the Agriculture Producers in West Africa and ROPPA, under the patronage of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.


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