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Anti-Nepotism Act to help govt. fight corruptionRep. Gray

By Titus Tokpah
Representative AcarousGray
Representative AcarousGray

( Chief Sponsor of the Anti-Nepotism Bill has clarified that the Bill is not intended to get at the President of Liberia.

Representative AcarousGray said: “The Bill is rather aimed at helping the government to fight corruption in Liberia.”

He made the clarification Sunday, September 15, 2013 when he officially presented his annual legislative report to his constituents.

In his annual report, the Montserrado County lawmaker named the Anti-corruption Bill, the National Children Hospital Act, the controversial Democracy Sustainability Law, and the Code of Conduct as some of the legislations he introduced and co-sponsored at the National Legislature.

Representative Gray assured his constituents that the National Children Hospital Act, just passed into law by the House Plenary will provide care and treatment for Liberian children.


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