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LNOC Boosts Athletes Preparation for IOC Youth Olympics

By Richard Manuba
President of the Liberian National Olympic Committee (LNOC), Philipbert Browne
President of the Liberian National Olympic Committee (LNOC), Philipbert Browne

( Liberian National Olympic Committee (LNOC) has once again moved in with a big financial assistance to beef up the operations of some sporting federations and associations.

The LNOC donated Six hundred and thirty-two thousand Liberian dollars to facilitate Olympic sporting disciplines’ training programs.

The Olympic sporting disciplines are gearing up to possibly represent Liberia at the All African Games and the Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China next year.

The Liberia National Wrestling Federation received fifty eight thousand five hundred Liberian Dollars (L$58,500), Cycling got similar amount, Canoeing Federation L$62,400.

Boxing, Table tennis, and Swimming equally received L$78,000 each from the National Olympic Committee, while the Athletics Federation got the biggest chunk of L$195,000 of the latest LNOC donation.

Making the presentations at the close of an executive Committee Meeting at the weekend, LNOC President, Philipbert Browne, said: “My administration was boosting the financial base of the 7 sporting bodies with the hope that the National Government and financially-potent individuals will augment these sporting bodies’ efforts.

According to Mr. Browne, if Liberia must win medals at both the African Games and the Youth Olympics in China, the Country’s athletes need adequate financial and material support.

Also in the package of support from the LNOC is a cash-commitment to pay one year rental fee for an office space to be used by the various local sporting federations.

This will ensure that federations without office spaces be housed in one big office, where each can maintain Desk Officers to carry out administrative functions.

Another good news emanating from the LNOC’s weekend Executive Committee meeting is that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has offered to support two technical courses for Liberia, with Cycling and Wrestling federations being the beneficiaries.

Recipients of the latest LNOC cash assistance commended the Philipbert Browne administration and assured it that they will strive to make big impressions at the two tournaments coming up in 2014.

This is not the first time the Liberia National Olympic Committee has come to the rescue of sporting disciplines in the country.

The sporting federations are also counting on the support of national government and the sporting populace, as they have launched an appeal for such assistance.


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