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Prez. Sirleaf accepts Robert Sirleafs resignation

By mylbsonline stafff/18/09/2013
Mr.  Robert Sirleaf
Mr. Robert Sirleaf

( Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has accepted the resignation of Robert Sirleaf from his post at the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL).

Mr. Sirleaf resigned as Chairman of the Board of Directors of NOCAL and also as Senior Advisor to President Johnson-Sirleaf.                     The Liberian President spoke to the Press Tuesday, September 17, 2013 at the Foreign Ministry in Monrovia.  She said: “Mr. Robert Sirleaf’s assignment was to ensure that there is full reform at NOCAL.”

President Johnson-Sirleaf also said: “The reform process has been completed with the preparation of the Art to restructure NOCAL and the new Petroleum Law.”

“The objectives of these instruments are intended to ensure competitive bidding process and to separate the commercial and regulatory process of the oil sector,” the President further noted.

“It was also meant to ensure that the benefits of the oil resources are enjoyed by all Liberians and passed onto future generations,” she said.

President Johnson-Sirleaf added: “The Arts are also intended to ensure transparency and accountability in the oil sector.”

The Liberian Leader also noted: “It was a promise to the Liberian people that Robert Sirleaf would leave NOCAL once his assignment to reform the oil sector was complete.”

Meanwhile, NOCAL’s former Board Chairman says his resignation fulfills the President’s promise that his role at the company would end when reforms were put into place.

Mr. Robert Sirleaf praised the Senate for passing the new Petroleum Law and the NOCAL Act.

He described the passage of the laws as important in safe-guarding the country’s oil sector.

Mr Sirleaf said: “The new laws set forth a framework for transparent management of the exploration, discovery and exploration of Liberia’s oil that would enhance development in the country.”

He expressed optimism that with the adoption of the new laws, Liberia will always be regarded as a comfortable environment for investors.

The former NOCAL Board Chairman then called on members of the House of Representatives to use their annual break to familiarize themselves with the NOCAL Act and the Petroleum Law.

Meanwhile, NOCAL has announced the resignation of its Vice President for Public Affairs, Israel Akinsanya.

In a release, NOCAL said: “Mr. Akinsanya resigned, due to family problem.”

“Mr. Akinsanya’s resignation takes immediate effect.”
“Mr. Cyrus Badio has been designated to act as head of the Public Affairs Department until further notice,” the release further noted.


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