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Constitution Review Committee needs US$10.5m

By Joseph Sayon
A  section of the old constitution of Liberia
A section of the old constitution of Liberia

( Constitution Review Committee (CRC) says it needs US$10.5m to effectively execute its mandate.

The CRC was constituted by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and given the responsibility to ensuring the revision of the 1986 constitution with the involvement of all Liberians.

CRC Chairman, Gloria Scott, said: “The Liberian Government has committed itself to providing US$1.5m annually through the National Budget.”

The CRC Chairman also noted: “The constitution review process will costs US$4.5m over three year period.”

Cllr. Scott spoke following a town hall meeting in New Kru Town, suburb of the Liberian Capital, Monrovia.

“The balance amount will be given by the International Community,” she said.

“Though the constitution review process is achievable, the CRC needs more financial backing to move into every part of the country,” the CRC Chairman also added.

Cllr. Scott then praised the Liberian people’s willingness and determination to participate in the ongoing revision process.

She promised to work along with the National Legislature to achieve the exercise’s desired result.


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