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High-power govt delegation settles land dispute

By James Akoi

( high-powered government delegation has visited Buchanan Port City, Grand Bassa County to settle emerging land dispute in District-4.

The delegation travelled to the Port City Saturday, September 22, 2013 with eagerness to settle the land dispute.

The Ministers of Justice, Agriculture, Internal Affairs, representatives of the Land Commission, the National Investment Commission, and members of the Grand Bassa County Legislative Caucus attended the meeting at the Administrative Building in Buchanan.

The meeting centered on the resurvey of a 34-thousand, 5 hundred acres of land to be occupied by the Equatorial Palm Oil Company (EPC) in the New Cell Clan.

Residents are contending that New Cell Clan does not have the required 34-thousand, 5-hundred acres of land space the Equatorial Palm Oil Company wants to survey.

Justice Minister, Christiana Tarr, however, clarified that the re-survey is not intended to dispose the locals of their land.

Cllr. Tarr said: “The re-survey is not meant to hurt anyone as perceived in some quarters.”

On the issue of reported Police brutality, she also clarified: “Whenever government sends out police, it does not authorize them to harass or beat on anyone, rather it mandates them to protect lives and properties.”

The Justice Minister then promised to launch a full-scale investigation into the alleged acts of brutality.

During the meeting, the District-4 residents presented more then 10-count petition to Cabinet Chair, Justice Minister Christiana Tarr.

Cllr. Tarr assured the residents that their petition will be thoroughly reviewed and responded to by government.
She told the residents that the delegation was in Buchanan to talk to them against acts of violence 


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