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Gbarpolu County praises govt for empowering youth

By Patrick Flomo
some activitiy in  central Bopolu City
some activitiy in central Bopolu City

( County authorities are commending the Liberian Government for initiating a workshop to empower the county’s youth.

The workshop, initiated last week by Vice President Boakai’s office, is the first in a series.

It is intended to empower Liberian youth to manage their own business enterprises in their respective communities.

In separately remarks, the county authorities said: “The training was highly commendable, because it is in the spirit of government keeping its promise of job creation in Gbarpolu.”

They made the statements over the week-end in Bopolu City at the workshop’s closing ceremonies.

Speaking at the ceremony, the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) Civil Affairs Officer, Francis Nyepan, called on the youth to take the training seriously.

Mr. Nyepan also urged the youth to ensure the implementation of what they have learnt from the week-long training.

The workshop’s facilitators came from the Adventist Relief Agency (ADRA), THE Cooperative Development Agency (CDA), and the business community.

They focused on the Agro and Fishery Sectors, tree crops (oranges and mangos) among others.

The Youth Coordinator in the Vice President’s office, Peter Stephen, said: “Smaller workshops are scheduled for Lofa and Grand Cape Mount Counties.”


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