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85% work done to make Gola Forest a National Park

By Joseph Sayon
The Gola National Forest
The Gola National Forest

(mylbsonline.com/Liberia/Sept. 26, 2013)-The Forestry Development Authority (FDA) Protected Area Manager, Morris Kamara, says about 85% work has been done to establish the Gola Forest into a National Park.

Mr. Kamara said: “The FDA has compiled a special document for submission to the National Legislature for enactment.”

“FDA is now trying to contract a consultant to help develop a document to be transformed into law to govern the establishment of the Gola Park,” he noted.

The FDA Protected Area Manager told mylbsonline that FDA has concluded bio-diversity and social-economic studies on the Gola Forest and held consultations with communities to be affected by the establishment of the Gola Park.


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