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Prez. Sirleaf drives Liberians toward patriotism, commitment

By Patrick Flomo
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf  posed with Liberian residents in America
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf posed with Liberian residents in America

( 2013)-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is encouraging Liberians to be patriotic and, committed to being strong partners in the country’s development and to reconciliation.

President Johnson-Sirleaf said: “Liberians must seize the moment of the progress made thus far and the good-will that the country enjoys from the international community and make the most of it.”

The Liberian Leader acknowledged that there are numerous problems and challenges the country is being faced with.

“Government must continue addressing such challenges as Liberians have come a long way in preserving the peace to which everybody is contributing,” she emphasized.

The President urged Liberians to move to the next level and make the next few years a period of accelerated development.

President Johnson-Sirleaf made the assertions in New York, the United States of America over the weekend when she addressed journalists at the end of her visit to that American city.

The Liberian Leader was in New York, where she participated in the 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

She termed her participation at this year’s session as “very resulting” as she had the opportunity to holding meetings with stakeholders, partners and investors.

The President also noted: “Liberia is highly rated by the International Community and by a majority of Liberians, a few of whom have differences.”

She however added: “If one looks back at Liberia’s progress since 2006, there is respect for Liberia and great regards for Liberians, because of the resilience they have shown.”

“My speech tried to capture the progress the country has made in building institutions, infrastructure, and capacity, and putting the right structures and policies in place,” the Liberian Leader further noted when she commented on the highpoints of her visit.

She also identified challenges, including rebuilding infrastructure, creating jobs and, most especially, the fight against corruption.

The President added: “The message was not meant only for the UN audience, but also for Liberians at home.”

On the protest staged by both the pro- and anti-Liberian groups in New York on the margins of the Session, President Johnson-Sirleaf said: “Peaceful protest is the tenet of democracy.”

“It is the right of anyone to peacefully protest, whether at home or abroad,” the President also noted.


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