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Liberia, Costa Rica agreed on bilateral dialogue promotion

Executive Mansion Release
Costa Rica President, Laura Chinchilla
Costa Rica President, Laura Chinchilla

( and Costa Rica have agreed to promote bilateral dialogue and strengthen diplomatic ties between the two countries.

According to a dispatch from San Jose, the two leaders made the commitment during a meeting in Costa Rica.
The meeting was part of activities marking the visit of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to that country.

The two heads of state also address the media on the outcome of President Johnson-Sirleaf’s visit. The Liberian Leader said: “I was impressed by Costa Rica, including the level of education and its long and peaceful history.

“Similarities between Liberia and Costa Rica included the fact6 that both countries are led by the first women elected as President,” She said.

Both countries also have relatively small populations.
The President further noted: “There is much that Liberia can learn from the process engendered in Costa Rica.”

“Relations between the two countries started in the 1070s, but did not take root and now it is being reactivated,” the Liberian President added.

According to the Liberian Leader, the roles played by the two nations would be expanded and they would cooperate in the areas of peace, the empowerment of women, among others.

President Johnson-Sirleaf then thanked the people of Costa Rica for all that they have done to enable countries like Liberia to follow their example.

In a joint press statements issued at the end of the visit, the Liberian leader stressed the democratic path followed by Costa Rica, a country that has significant achievements and has manage to capitalize valuable experience in various fields local and international levels.

She expressed her interest in exploring potential bilateral cooperation in areas such as eco-tourism, education and empowerment of women and youths.

For her part, President Laura Chinchilla highlighted the efforts made by her Liberian counterpart for the promotion of peace, economic and social development, and propelling the conscience of women around the world.

She said: “Such promotional efforts have been widely recognized by the International Community. Such efforts earned President Johnson-Sirleaf the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011.”


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