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LFA convenes Ordinary Congress

By Kolubah Zayzay
Some stakeholders of LFA attending the meeting
Some stakeholders of LFA attending the meeting

( long delayed Liberia Football Association (LFA) 18th Ordinary Congress finally gets underway Saturday, October 5, 2013 at the Monrovia City Hall.

The Congress failed to take place twice this year at the announced venue, Zwedru City, Grand Gedeh County, but report says all is now set for the holding of the day-long assembly.

The LFA called off the Congress last September saying: “It interfered with the staging of CAF’s own Congress.”

Football critics, however, said: “The decision to push the Congress to October 5 is a clever attempt by the LFA officials to buy time until Bility’s recent suspension was lifted.”

Prior to the lifting of Mr. Bility’s suspension, there were strong indications in early September that CAF would have rescinded on its action against the Liberian FA President.

With the lifting of the suspension last week, the LFA has announced that the Congress will now be held this weekend in Monrovia with Bility presiding.

His number three man, Adolph Lawrence, who is LFA’s current Vice President for Operations, will make history as he will be the first senior football executive to miss the LFA Congress.

Vice President Lawrence will miss the LFA Congress, because of an indefinite ban imposed on him by the LFA Executive Committee.

Meanwhile, activity report on the last football season will be presented to the Congress attendants by the LFA Secretariat.

Several new football rules are expected to be adopted by the LFA stakeholders at Saturday’s Congress.

Among the new rules expected to be adopted is the amendment to CAF’s latest regulations on individuals aspiring for elected positions within various member federations.

According to the new rule, person(s) desirous of contesting the LFA Presidency must have been an executive committee member of the Football House for more than two years before the elections.

The new rule also says only person(s) who is active in football administration for five years shall be allowed to contest executive, or vice president positions.

At the Congress, the LFA stakeholders will further discuss and approve new budget for its next fiscal year, and will also admit two new members (New Hope FC and Muscat FC) to its association.

The congressional members are also expected to endorse several actions taken by the local FA Executive Committee in 2013, while Congress will go ahead without the current League Season’s formal closing program.

One report says CAF’s Second Vice President, Almamy Kabele Kamara, who is also Guinea’s Football Federation President, will be in the LFA Congressional audience Saturday.

Mr. Kamara is expected to represent CAF at the local football assembly to see how CAF’s recommendations will be handled by the Liberian stakeholders.       

Nimba United Chief Executive Officer, Adolphus Dolo, who is serving an LFA 24-month suspension, will also miss Saturday’s deliberations.

The one-day interactive sports gathering will be climaxed on the same day by a football match between members of the LFA Executive Committee and local club presidents.

The match will unfold at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) in Central Monrovia at 5pm.


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