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Laborers threaten non-compliance posture at Capitol

By mylbsonline staff
  Some lacal-based vegetable growers in Liberia
Some lacal-based vegetable growers in Liberia

( /2013)-Several Liberian laborers threatened to institute a non-compliance posture at the Capitol in recently in Monrovia.

According to the laborers, their non-compliance posture would remain in full swing until the Decent Work Bill is passed in full.

The threat comes in the wake of increasing delays in the passage of the “Minimum Wage” in the much publicized Decent Work Bill.

The aggrieved laborers were seen with placards at both entrances of the Capitol Building.

The protestors, who forcibly attempted entering the grounds of the Capitol, were barricaded by private security officers Thursday, August 29, 2013 at the Capitol.

According to them, some foreign and business entrepreneurs allegedly gave high-ranking members of the House funding to stall the passage of the Bill.

They promised to protest peacefully, if the House of Representatives refuses to concur with the Liberian Senate on the passage of the bill.

The Liberia Labor Congress is a major group leading the protest.    


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