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PUL wants Presidential, Legislative tenures reduced

By Joseph Sayon
PUL President, Peter Quaqua
PUL President, Peter Quaqua

( Oct. 8/ 2013)-The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) is calling for reduction in the tenure of the Liberian presidency from six to four years.

The PUL is also calling for reduction in the tenures of members of the Senate and Representatives from nine to six years, and from six to four years, respectively.

According to PUL President, Peter Quaqua, the long stay of these individuals in power is a recipe for confusion.

Mr. Quaqua said: “Sustaining Liberia’s democracy requires a radical review of the current Constitution and the country’s electoral laws.”

He spoke over the week-end in Kakata, Margibi County at programs marking the 49th anniversary of the PUL.

The Union’s 49th anniversary was organized by its leadership, in collaboration with the Constitution Review Committee (CRC).

Meanwhile, Mr. Quaqua has described the 5,000 year sentence of FrontPage Africa Managing Editor, Rodney Sieh, as excessive and unconstitutional, making reference to Article 21 of the Liberian Constitution.

Quoting Article 21 of the Constitution, he said: “Neither excessive bill shall not be required, nor excessive fine and punishment imposed, or inflicted.”

Speaking at the ceremony, the CRC Chairman, Gloria Scott, frowned at individuals selling the copies of the Constitution.

Cllr. Scott noted: “The CRC will not hesitate to order the arrest and prosecution of people involved in selling the Constitution.”

She hailed on-going collaboration between the PUL and the CRC, and pledged to encourage the participation of all Liberians in the press.

The 1986 Liberian Constitution is being produced and copies are being freely circulated among the citizenry.


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