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Liberia admitted into African Parliamentarian Forum

By Sorbor George
A section of the  African Parliamentarian Forum
A section of the African Parliamentarian Forum

( has been admitted into the African Parliamentarian Forum on population and development in the Ethiopian Capital, Addis Ababa.

Liberia’s admittance into the forum was reached at the just-ended International Conference on population and development in that country.

A member of the Liberian delegation, Larry Younquoi, told mylbsonline  upon his return home, that the conference sought to review compliance by all member states not only on the number of the population, but also the population’s quality over the last twenty years, as mandated by the Cairo and Bucharest conferences.

Representative Younquoi, who is also an ECOWAS population expert, said: “The country is now in a better position to institute measures, in keeping with international best practices to improve the quality of its population.”

“Government spending agencies on population and development will collaborate with the forum to draw up a comprehensive framework to address the quality of Liberia’s population,” he added.

Representative Younquoi hails from Nimba County, one of Liberia’s economic bedrocks.


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