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Charles Taylor wants his sentence served in Rwanda

From BBC
Charles Taylor could initially be housed in Belmarsh Prison
Charles Taylor could initially be housed in Belmarsh Prison

Former Liberian President, Charles Taylor, has asked that he serves his 50-year sentence in Rwanda, rather than the United Kingdom.

In a letter sent to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Mr. Taylor says it would be easier and less expensive for his family to visit him in Africa.

He said it would be cheaper and easier to travel to Rwanda and that Liberian nationals could obtain visas at the airport, unlike in the United Kingdom.

The BBC quotes former President Taylor as saying, he also fears of being attacked in a British prison.

Mr. Taylor’s 3-page letter to the ICC is dated October 10, 2013.

Last week, the Justice Minister of the United Kingdom, Jeremy Wright, confirmed that Taylor would be transferred to a British prison.

Taylor was convicted of aiding rebels who committed atrocities in Sierra Leone during that country’s civil war.

The Netherlands only agreed to host the trial, if he were imprisoned elsewhere.


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