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Blamo Nelson threatens lawsuit if

By Sorbor George
Former Internal Affairs Minister, Blamo Nelson
Former Internal Affairs Minister, Blamo Nelson

( 26/2013) Former Internal Affairs Minister, Blamo Nelson, has given the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) until November 10, 2013 to re-examine its recent Asset Verification Report, or risk lawsuit.

The LACC has since recommended legal or administrative action against Mr. Nelson for allegedly accumulating unexplained wealth during his service in government.

Mr. Nelson told mylbsonline Friday, October 25, 2013 that the LACC’s recent report was flawed and lacks merit.
According to the former Internal Affairs Minister, the report is an embarrassment to his character and, as such, it must be re-examined.

Mr. Nelson also said: “I will be constrained to take a number of actions, including a lawsuit, should the Liberia Anti-Corruption Body fail to correct its recent Asset Verification Report against me.”

His latest letter to the LACC brings to two the number of letters written the body to correct its recent report.

It can be recalled that the Anti-Corruption Commission accused Mr. Nelson and two others not named of accumulating wealth that they could not explain during its asset verification process.


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