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Ban Ki Moon stresses commitment, peace promotion

By Arthur Douglas
UN Secretary-General, Ben Ki Moon
UN Secretary-General, Ben Ki Moon

( UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, has challenged member states to commit themselves to the organization’s founding ideals and work together for peace, development and human rights.

Mr. Ban’s appeal was contained in his special statement in commemoration of the 68th Anniversary of the UN.

In a special message, the United Nations Secretary General said: “The day provides an opportunity to recognize how much the UN is contributing to world peace and common progress.”

“It is a time to reflect on what more the UN member countries can do to realize the vision for a better world,” he noted.

The UN Secretary General then underscored the military crisis in Syria as the biggest security challenge to the organization.

He added: “Diplomatic solution to end the long suffering in that part of the world was being pushed for.”

At the same time, the UN Deputy Secretary General for Democracy, Inais Choma, reassured Liberians of the UN’s continued support to the sustenance of the country’s peace and security.

Also speaking at the program, Education Minister, Etmonia Tarpeh, commended the world body for its contribution to peace and development in Liberia.

Minister Tarpeh said: “Liberia was committed to ensuring that the country does not revert to its ugly past.”

The day’s celebration was marked by a parade from the Palm Spring Hotel in Congo Town to the Samuel Kanyon Doe (SKD) Sports Complex in Paynesville, where an official indoor program was held.


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