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Education, a remedy for poverty reduction-Govt.

By mylbsonline staff
Information Minister, Lewis Brown
Information Minister, Lewis Brown

( The Liberian Government has described increased investment in the provision of quality education as a remedy for poverty reduction.

Information Minister, Lewis Brown, said Liberians, irrespective of their political connections, form a united front in providing quality education for the Liberian child.

“Though investing in road construction, ports and energy is important, government deems it necessary to place higher premium on the provision of quality education.”

Speaking at the regular press conference, Minister Brown named the construction of the four- lane Somalia Drive and the Redlight-to-Gbarnga Highway as some of the projects already earmarked.

He stressed: “Government has rehabilitated three teachers training institutes and is working along with partners to improve the Liberian school system.”

Government believes higher incentives will attract more qualified teachers in the classroom.

It has expressed concerns about the quality of education being rendered Liberian children.

Several Peace Corps are now teaching in Liberian schools across the country.

Meanwhile, government says, it will, this dry season, tackle a number of infrastructure development projects.

The Information Minister called on individuals owning structures in the right-of-ways to give way to the national initiatives, as many of them have already received resettlement assistance to leave.”


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