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MRU resolves differences through cooperation-VP Boakai

By Jos Garneo Cephas
The Headquarters of  Roberts-FIR in Harbel City, Margibi County
The Headquarters of Roberts-FIR in Harbel City, Margibi County

( Vice President (VP), Joseph Boakai, says the Mano River Union countries have succeeded immensely in resolving their differences through political cooperation in a Pan Africanism fashion.

VP Boakai praised the leaderships of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone for their effort in finding solution to the impasse that existed within the Roberts Flight Information Service Region (Roberts-FIR).

V.P. Boakai spoke Friday, October 26 at a dinner held at the Royal Grand Hotel in Monrovia.

The Vice President challenged the Roberts-FIR member countries to also seek remedy to other critical issues such as road connectivity, free movement of human and material cargos across their respective borders.

He thanked the Ministerial Council meeting for the peaceful manner in which they resolved the long-standing issues that was hampering the effective operation of the Roberts-FIR.

The two visiting Transport Ministers of Guinea and Sierra Leone, Ehadji Tidane-Toure and Balogun Koroma, thanked the government and people of Liberia for successfully playing host to the Ministerial Council Meeting of Transport Ministers.

Ministers Tidane-Toure and Koroma called for the total realization of peace and cooperation in the Roberts-FAIR Region.

The visiting ministers and their Directors of Civil Aviation were later honored by the Liberian Government.

The dinner marked the close of the five-day Ministerial Council meeting at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) in Harbel, Margibi County.

Harbel is the second largest provincial city of Margibi County, about 35 miles away from the Liberian Capital, Monrovia.


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