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UNDP remains committed to transparency promotion

By Patrick Flomo
UNDP Resident Representative  to Liberia, Aeneas Chuma
UNDP Resident Representative to Liberia, Aeneas Chuma

( United Nations Development Programe (UNDP) Resident Representative in Liberia, Aeneas Chuma, says UNDP will remain at the forefront of efforts to promoting transparency in Liberia.

Mr. Chuma believes such can be achieved by working along with national partners in building structures and accountability mechanisms.

His statement comes in the wake of the release of the global report title, “Publish what you Fund 2013 Aid Transparency index.”

According to the leading global ranking, released October 23, 2013, UNDP is the top-ranked multilateral organization in aid transparency.

The publication recognizes UNDP for its “ambitious” efforts to publish information beyond international standards this year.

Such efforts placed UNDP 4th out of 67 major donors evaluated worldwide.

The UN Agency was highly congratulated in the report for making significant improvements to its International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) publication.

UNDP was also praised for updating its implementation schedule, including plans to publish 88 percent of IATI fields, to become more ambitious.

Making reference to the situation at country level, Mr. Chuma reiterated: “UNDP-Liberia is striving to maintain the highest level of transparency in conducting business with its partners and beneficiaries, and in how it interacts with communities, with the media and with the general public. This reflected the global picture.”

Mr. Chuma is also Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and UN Resident Coordinator in Liberia.

The UNDP-Liberia Country Director, Kamil Kamaluddeen, applauded this ranking and underlined the steps taken to stay this course, opening up more space to national implementation and vesting more authority, responsibility and accountability on national institutions in delivering development results.

“We are investing more on cost-effective implementation as well as putting emphasis on timely narrative and financial reporting to our development partners,” Dr. Kamaluddeen said.

He noted that UNDP’s ultimate desire is to assist the Liberian Government and people realize their development aspirations through state institutions that work and citizens who are empowered to make choices on things that count in promoting their livelihoods.

The IATI sets a common global benchmark for more timely, accurate and comprehensive aid information.

Financial flows, budgets, results, location, timelines and project documents are published into an online database that tracks how aid is spent.

It does not only increase the accountability of donor countries, but also allows developing countries better align donor assistance with their national priorities and budgets, ultimately maximizing aid effectiveness.

More than 170 countries, UN agencies, multilateral banks and NGOs, covering 76 percent of official development assistance, input their information to IATI.

More than 20 recipient countries have endorsed the initiative.

In 2013, UNDP began disclosing its internal audit reports, and moving from annual budget reporting to publishing on-going quarterly reports.

The report details activities and result frameworks using sub-national geographical data. 

By updating its Information Disclosure Policy, UNDP, together with the European Investment Bank, are leading multilateral organizations listed on the Aid Transparency Index for following best disclosure practices.


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