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Government begins Costal Defense Project in Buchanan

By Joseph Sayon

( Nov. 14/2013) The Liberian Government has finally begun the Coastal Defense Project in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

The Costal Defense Project is a national plan intended to construct walls that would prevent further sea erosion in Buchanan, the provincial Capital of the Port City.

Buchanan City has largely been wiped away as a result of constant sea erosion in which several houses have been destroyed.

The project’s International Coastal Engineer, Edmond Chin-Ping Chang, said: “A five meter sea wall will be built.”

“After the project, Buchanan will no longer be under threat by sea erosion, because the best framework will be put into place to protect the city,” Mr. Edmond also noted.
He put the project cost at US$2M and estimated that the project may last for 80 days.

Also speaking, the Director of the Liberian Hydrological Service at the Lands, Mines and Energy Ministry, Jefferson Wylie, said: “Thirty one casual workers have been hired to do work that cannot be done by the equipment.”

According to Mr. Wylie, the government has mobilized four earth-moving equipment to enhance the work.

He praised the locals for their support and revealed that the work is progressing in the right direction.

“I have told my professional colleagues not to demolish buildings affected by the erosion so that they can remain standing in memory of the past,” Mr. Wylie added.

The project, funded by the UNDP, is being implemented by the Lands, Mines and Energy Ministry.


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