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For adequate food production, Japan grants Liberia US$5.1m

By Ferricks Dainsee
Japanese Ambassador to Liberia,  Naoto Nikai
Japanese Ambassador to Liberia, Naoto Nikai

( 20/2013) The Japanese Government has provided Liberia a US$5.1m food Grant.

The grant’s signing ceremony took place Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at the Foreign Ministry in Monrovia.

Speaking during the occasion, Japanese Ambassador to Liberia, Naoto Nikai, said: “The grant is a demonstration of the Japanese Government’s close ties with the Liberian government.”

He also said: “Food security is one of the major challenges Liberia is being faced with, because more Liberians eat rice not substantially grown in the country.”

“Food security is one of the major challenges being faced by Liberia because more Liberians eat rice which is not substantially grown in Liberia.”

“Liberia largely depends on the international community for its rice importation, thus making the country vulnerable and too dependent on world price fluctuations,” Ambassador Naoto also noted.

He assured the Japanese government’s preparedness to help Liberia produce its own food in a not too distant future.

“Fortunately, Liberia is blessed with very fertile soil and a suitable combination of humidity, water and temperature”, he added.

In view of this, Ambassador Naoto further noted: “The Japanese Government has provided food aid to Liberia both bilaterally and through WFP since 2003. Funds realized from subsequent food sale were placed in the Counterpart Fund and have been utilized by the Liberian Government.

“Once Liberians gain access to knowledge, technology, infrastructure and supply chain, I believe the situation will improve”, he maintained.

Signing on behalf of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Liberian government, Acting Foreign Minister, Elias Shoniyin, Commended the Japanese Government for its continued support to Liberia.

Acting Minister Shoniyin also praised the Japanese Government for the 2013 food aid to Liberia, saying the food aid arrived in the country about two months ago.  


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