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LFA Pardons its 2nd Vice President

By Richard Manubah
LFA Vice President for Operations, Adolph Lawrence
LFA Vice President for Operations, Adolph Lawrence

( The Liberia Football Association (LFA) has honored mounting public appeals to lift the indefinite suspension it placed on its Vice President for Operations, Adolph Lawrence.

The 2nd LFA Vice President’s suspension was lifted recently by the local FA’s Executive Committee, headed by the FA President, Musa Bility.

When Mr. Bility was pardoned by CAF recently, several stakeholders of the local game, among others, hotly pleaded with the FA Boss to extend similar gesture, he enjoyed on the international scene, to the 2nd Vice President.

myhlbsonline.con can now confirm that the appeals have yielded fruitful results.

Last weekend, the President Bility told his monthly news conference that the Executive Committee, in its recent sitting, agreed to lift the ban on Mr. Lawrence.

Lawrence was hit with the ban, some time ago, for alleged unfavorable utterances at his colleagues, during an earlier sitting of the FA Executive Committee.

At that meeting, heated claims and counter-claims ensued between the LFA President (Bility) and the association’s 2nd Vice President (Lawrence).

Mr. Lawrence had accused his Boss of singlehandedly running the affairs of the football house, while Mr. Bility, too, pointed accusing finger at the FA 2nd Vice President for Operations (Lawrence), now reinstated.

This led to claims and counterclaims as Mr. Bility himself, pointed accusing fingers at Mr. Lawrence for acts of gross disrespect to him and other Executive Committee members.

In his accusation against Vice President Lawrence then, Bility said: “Has he made clear reports of money entrusted to him also when he headed the Liberian National Football Team’s delegations outside of the Country?”

Aside from his football portfolio, Adolph Lawrence is also a member of the National Legislature. He is representing District #15 in Montserrado County at the Lower House.

Montserrado County is the official seat of the Liberian Government and the most populated of all Liberia’s 15 Sub-political Division.


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