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Special Message From Pres. Weah On His 2nd Anniversary In Office..

by Maximilian K. Kasseh jr

Fellow Liberians:

Today marks two years since I took the oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of our great Nation. The journey hasn’t always been an easy one, but by the special grace of God we have been able to persevere.

Over the last two years, I have witnessed with great delight, Liberians from all across the territorial boundaries of this great nation; and those beyond the shores of our waters, exhibit a great deal of patriotism through their resilience, patience and cooperation; and I want to thank you all for such a great display of nationalism.

You continue to inspire hope in one another by not giving up, but by trusting and believing that better days are ahead despite the daunting task at hand. Over the last two years of our administration, we may have had dissenting views as it pertains to the governance of our country and the wellbeing of our citizenry, but we continue to find a common ground that Liberia is all that we have, thus we must all work cooperatively in achieving the Liberia that we so dearly desire.

As we commemorate this 2nd anniversary of my administration, I want to assure you that our Government remain resolute in fulfilling the promises we made when we sought your trust and confidence to steer the affairs of this great country, but all we need is your continuous prayers, a bit more patience and cooperation; as well as your unwavering and unflinching support.

To this end, I am reminded of the proverbial saying that: “tough times don’t last, tough people do,” and I have seen your toughness as a people over the years. You have stayed the course with courage and fortitude — and with a great deal of patriotism. Thus I’m confident that we are headed towards an upward trajectory as a nation.

This has inspired me to continue to double my efforts to ensure that my administration work in your best interest as we strive for a prosperous Liberia for all — a commitment that is so dear to my heart.

I look forward to addressing you all once again on Monday in fulfillment of article 58 of the Liberian constitution; wherein I will deliver my State of the Nation address to present my administration’s legislative program to the Honorable Legislature, and to report to the Liberian people, through their duly elected representatives, in Joint Assembly, on the State of the Republic.

I thank you all.

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