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No Shortage of Petroleum Products LPRC – Clarifies

by Jos Garneo Cephas Sr.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA – The Management of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company has clarified that there is no looming shortage of petroleum products in the country.

Reports say commercial and private vehicles have begun panicking and are buying petroleum products at local filling stations in Monrovia and other parts.

But, a release quotes LPRC Management as urging the public not to engage in panic buying because there is enough gasoline and fuel on the market.

The LPRC Management, according to the release, maintained that the Company is the only government entity clothed with the statutory mandate to make official pronouncements on petroleum importation and distribution throughout the Republic. 

The release also quotes the LPRC Management as strongly cautioning the public not to give credence to unsanctioned petroleum -related information, including stock balances, unless such information is confirmed by the Company.

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