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UNFPA Identifies with NPHIL

by Jarp Davies

Monrovia, Liberia – The National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) has received logistical support to enhance its capacity in containing COVID-19.

On Tuesday, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) turned over four Toyota Hilux pickups, Five Yamaha motorbikes and 60 specialized mobile phones to NPHIL.

The items will be used to enhance contact tracing as Liberia strives to contain the virus.

Presenting the logistics, UNFPA Country Representative, Dr. Bannet Ndyanabangi, said the items are on loan to NPHIL and would be retrieved following the eradication of the corona virus.

Receiving the vehicles and mobile phones, NPHIL Deputy Director General for Technical Services, Jean Macauley, thanked UNFPA for the gesture and assured that the items will be used for the intended purpose.  

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