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‘Liberia has Ability To Defeat Coronavirus’…….Christine Elder

by Francis Pelenah Jr,

Monrovia, Liberia – Former United States Ambassador to Liberia Christine Elder believes the system put in place by Health authorities in Liberia has the ability to fight and contain the Coronavirus outbreak.

Madam Elder said with the experience of fighting Ebola, Liberia is well positioned to adequately deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

She added “I am confident from our work together, that if urgent containment measures are uniformly observed by all Liberians, Liberia has the ability successfully to manage this virus within its borders”.

She wants a concerted effort by all Liberians regardless of political, ethnic and religious affiliations in a bid to combat the outbreak and come out stronger.

The US Envoy is of the conviction that the pandemic’s economic impact will be global, and that includes Liberia.

Ambassador Elder however trust that Liberia can emerge stronger from COVID-19, if its people face the challenge united, adding “if political parties and all branches of government work together for the greater good, and if Liberians and visitors follow the advice of the health professionals” Liberia will emerge stronger from COVID 19.

While recognizing the challenges that Liberia is faced with, the American Diplomat recalled few of Liberia’s successes during her time here, believing that Liberia has a lot to be proud of.

She recalled “Liberia defeated Ebola. We saw the successful conclusion of UNMIL’s mission, including the transfer of security responsibilities to the Liberian government. Liberia has conducted multiple free and fair elections, including the historic national elections in 2017 that yielded the first peaceful and democratic transfer of power between parties in Liberia’s history. Hundreds of kilometers of roads have been built or resurfaced, and hundreds more kilometers are scheduled to be. The Mount Coffee hydroelectric power plant reopened and feeds clean, reliable power to more and more consumers every week”.

Though her new position will be in Washington D.C., Madam Elder maintained, she admired the Liberian people, their resilience, their determination, and their goodwill.

Her statement was contained in a very emotional farewell message via video link to the people of Liberia on Wednesday March 25, 2020.

She concluded by saying “I will always carry Liberia in my heart, and be a friend forever of Liberia and of her people”.

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