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ELF Announces Training Opportunity for Young Women

by Francis Pelenah Jr,

Monrovia, Liberia – An opportunity has been presented to Young women wanting to enhance their potential and be women leaders of the future.

It followed an announcement of an online leadership development program through an international platform known as EveryonesWorld Leadership Foundation (ELF).

Ethiopian-Born Dr. Yene Assegid is the Founder of the ELF Program; she said the initiative is her long-held goal to create a leadership program entirely for young women.

“Now it is here, and opened for applications from September 15 for the first intake in January 2021”, a statement issued by the Foundation earlier during the week stated.

According to Dr. Assegid, only hundred applicants will enroll in the first cohort with a buildup of two hundred each in the second and third intakes of 2021.

She told ELBC Radio Thursday evening on the line from Brussels, Belgium, “It’s been my life dream to bring women of all ages together to take the life journey together. A lot of times young women might not always have the opportunity to have conversation and discussion that helps them envision the dream in their head. You need a community; you need a sisterhood for that and this is what this program is about”.

Training opportunities like this might just be that little spark that could give young Liberian women and their counterparts around the world the chance to cement their leadership potential and it is not going away anytime soon as continuity is key on the mind of the EveryonesWorld Leadership Foundation Founder Dr. Yene Assegid.

“At the moment we have 84 of the 100 places booked. My dream is that by 10 years, we can have three thousand (3000) young women going through and graduating from the program.

Dr. Assegid was speaking to Tetee Gebro on the Flagship Radio Program, The Bumper Show on Thursday September 24, 2020 via whatsapp from Brussels, Belgium.

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