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Traditional Chiefs, elders petition Rep. Wesso to contest as Senator for Gbarpolu County…..

by Amanda Yarsiah Sali

GBARPOLU COUNTY, LIBERIA-Traditional chiefs and elders in Gorwulala District in Gbarpolu County have petitioned Representative Kanie Wesso to run as senator in the upcoming 2023 Legislative and Presidential Elections in the County.

The chiefs and elders, through the Paramount Chief, Flomo Tokpah, praised the Gbarpolu County District Two Representative for his selfless humanitarian services constantly rendered citizens in the district aimed at improving their lives and the district at large.

During their petition ceremony held in Neakeh, Gbarpolu County, on June 28, 2021, Paramount Chief Tokpah also called on the Lawmaker to allow one of their sons, Charles Loryah, to succeed him at the House of Representatives, as he moves forward to the Liberian Senate.

“ Kanie Wesso, while been Representative, I see our son coming to us and telling us that  he wants to be Representative but I said we have to hear from Honorable Wesso and based on that, the land is satisfied.”

“Old man Flomo Smith, our People, we are one.  We say this is Honorable Kanie Wesso, incoming Senator of Gbarpolu County and this is our son Charles F. Loryah, we present him to you for you to present him to the Honorable, for him to also help us fight for this land 2023”.

Meanwhile Mr. Charles Loryah, who was also petitioned, praised the Gbarpolu County District Two Representative for the opportunity given he and his family, in order to be a member of the lawmaker’s office staff.

Mr. Loryah pledged his fullest commitment to Representative Wesso in ensuring that the Gbarpolu County District two Representative wins the County’s Senatorial Seat come 2023.

“The request made by my people today, is a blessing and I know that my political, spiritual and legal father, Honorable Kanie Wesso, will accept that I replaced him in the Lower House, while he moves on to the Upper House. This fight is not for me or Honorable Wesso and we will not relent until Gbarpolu becomes what we want it to be.”

“But we can assure you today that we will fight, we will push you to enter the Upper House, as we go to the Lower House. And at such, my wife and I have agreed, that every cent we get as a member of your office monthly, portion of it will be used to promote our campaign, including the one I will get from you”.

In response to the petition, Representative Wesso lauded the chiefs and elders headed by Paramount Chief Flomo Tokpah, for their farsightedness to petition him to run for the senatorial race in the County, reposing in them the confidence that with their unbending support, he will be victorious, and Mr. Loryah will also be opportune to replace him at the Lower House.

Representative Wesso also said that he remains committed to their request to make him Senator of Gbarpolu County, noting that they should have no room for betrayal, which he says could have the propensity to create lasting fight amongst them.

“I have been asked to run as Senator by the elders and Mr. Loryah came and confirmed that he wants me to run, he wants to become Representative. All I can say today is let give it to God.”

“I will accept the request. I will go home to the Belleh Land and tell my people, I have been asked by the elders to run as Senator. Let  me revert to the Bible, there were two friends, one named Elijah and the other named Elisha, one was called by God and the other one said, if you go master,  I want the power.”

Charles, you say that you want to be Representative, if you see me ascend, you will get it but if I don’t, you will not get it. But I believed we can make it and if along the road, I noticed that there is a deceit, I will stop fighting the enemies and I will turn my sword at you and that fight will continue even between our children”.

The Gbarpolu County Representative also noted that the organic law of the Liberia gives every Liberian the opportunity to run for any higher seat as he or she wishes. But with the courtesy accorded him by his incoming successor, Charles Loryah, he will give him the needed support, noting that if he sees me go then he will go.

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