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House of Rep. amends Alien and Nationality Law

by T. Wholquoi Yeahgar

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The House of Representatives has amended the Alien and Nationality Law of Liberia.

According to ELBC Legislative Reporter, it followed a report from the Judicial Committee of the House.

The bill, among other things, renewed call for equal protection of the fundamental rights and citizenship of Liberians by birth.

The House of Representatives also amended Chapter 26 of the Criminal Procedure Law, to provide for plea bargaining of criminal cases.

Other instruments amended are Section3.6 of the Judicial Law, Title 7 to provide for the appointment of additional relieving judges for the Circuit Courts, and Section 12 of Chapter 12, Title 2 of the Criminal Procedure Law.

The law provides a new standard of preliminary examination in cases above the trial jurisdiction of magistrates and justices of the peace.

The Body amended Chapter 15, offenses against property, Sub-Chapter D, theft and related offenses of the Penal Law, Title 26, Liberian Code of Laws revised.

It added to Sections 15.63 insider trading, market manipulation and illegal trafficking in other goods, including Section 10, Chapter 10, to provide conditions for time of, authority to arrest.

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