Traditional women storm Harper Adm. Building; demand Herbalist Bordo stays…..

by Maximilian K. Kasseh jr

HARPER, MARYLAND COUNTY, LIBERIA-Scores of traditional women from the Commonwealth Chiefdom, Maryland County, on Friday stormed the Harper City Administrative Building calling for expelled Herbalist Tamba Bordo to stay in the County.

The County Administration recently ordered Herbalist Bordo to halt his traditional activities and leave, as his activities were against the Constitution of Liberia.

According to ELBC’s Maryland County Correspondent, the situation at the Harper City Administrative Building became tensed that Superintendent George Prowd had to leave for his safety.

The women want Herbalist Bordo, who is from Lofa County, to continue his traditional activities against mysterious deaths and disappearances in Maryland County.

However, the Maryland County Authority maintained that it will halt the operations of the Herbalist, and ensure that he leaves the County.

Harper District Commissioner Abraham Jackson told our Correspondent that the authority will take immediate action shortly.

By: M. Geplay

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