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Press. Weah stresses challenges facing the World at MEDays Forum in Morocco

by Maximilian K. Kasseh jr

MOROCCO-President George Weah has highlighted the numerous challenges confronting the world order, with a call for an all-involving and unfailing global action in combating these terrible threats and challenges.

President Weah named HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Zika, and COVID-19, Monkey Pox, as well as natural disasters caused by climate change, wars and rumors of war, and the threat of nuclear war as global challenges threatening human survival and peace.

The Liberian Leader said:” It’s imperative for nations to work together towards global cooperation, trust and peaceful coexistence, which is the focus and foundation of the ongoing MEDays Forum in Morocco.”

President Weah told the gathering of political and business leaders that various crises are creating political instabilities and uncertainties across the world, adding that the search for lasting solutions seems hopeless and futile.

He underscored the truthfulness of unfortunate global situations afflicting the people of the world, something he said is extremely aligned with the theme of the Forum, which is “From Crises to Crises: Towards a New Global Order”.

The Liberian Leader told the assembly of world leaders and civil society that prevailing crisis have led to people fleeing their countries for greener pastures and safe havens abroad.

President Weah said:” Such approach is causing them to endure hardship and suffering, and most particularly inhumane treatment on their journeys and upon arrival at the destinations they had hoped to find welcome and refuge.”

 Meanwhile, President Weah wants the collective experience of living in a world of crises to serve as driving force to confront daunting challenges facing mankind.

President Weah emphasized that in such times of adversity; all nations must draw closer to each other, and use collective strength to overcome the challenges.

Though the entire world is challenged, the Liberian President placed premium on the burdens Africa bears in these global crises.

He said:” The people of Africa remain challenged in many ways, including the threats of international terrorism now being concentrated in the various regions.”

President Weah spoke of the conflicts between Ethiopia and Eritrea; Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, and Rwanda; the conflict in Mozambique, as well as some parts of the Central African Republic, as some of the examples of the African situations.

The President wondered as to the reasons Africans keep fighting one another, considering the fact that they are brothers and sisters that should be each other’s keepers.

He recalled the advancement of desertification and coastal degradation, which is influenced by climate change, and is equally taking a heavy toll on Africa; the recent unprecedented flooding in Nigeria, Chad, and Sudan, among others, which are also clear indications.

By: Naway Gumeh

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