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Liberia’s Millennium Challenge Scorecard positive

by Zechariah Jigbeh

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Finance Minister Samuel Tweah says Liberia’s resounding success in the 2023 Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) scorecard has unraveled negative propaganda and news of an underperforming economy.

The MCC scorecard has shown that Liberia made real progress in certain areas, but specifically in tackling inflation and corruption to ensure macroeconomic stability.

Minister Tweah said:” The scorecard is a true revelation that government’s Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development is resonating well.”

According to him, government has committed itself to increasing and prioritizing human capital investment, which could make Liberia more competitive for another compact grant.

The Finance Minister, however, said contrary to what is being widely speculated that the MCC scorecard is just a mere bluff, the scorecard is an abstract display of the actualization of President Weah’s Pro-Poor agenda.

At the same time, Finance Minister Samuel Tweah has clarified that Liberia had never loss the Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact.

Minister Tweah said the first compact for Liberia started 2016 and ended 2021.

He said:” Every compact is signed for a five-year period and as such, Liberia was able to pass the MCC scorecard for a second time.”

Minister Tweah said during the five-year period the government was not able to pass what he calls eligibility scorecard.

He said the failure of government to pass in prior scorecards does not amount to Liberia losing the MCC compact.

Minister Tweah said the recent MCC scorecard has brought what he calls a reputational change to the government in the international community.

 He said the scorecard has provided a new direction for the government to engage the International Community.

Minister Tweah disclosed that the government takes the MCC scorecard seriously, emphasizing that the next step is for the government along with the help of the US Ambassador to engage the Board of MCC for further discussions.

The Finance Minister spoke Tuesday, November 8, 2022, on the super-morning show.

 He also said Liberia will for the first time take charge of funding its Presidential elections next year.

 Unlike during previous administrations, the country will fund its major elections independently with limited support from international partners and the donor support.

The disclosure made by Finance Minister Samuel Tweah is a major breakaway from the past, where national elections were jointly funded by government and international partners.

Minister Tweah said at least fifty-one million dollars has been allotted by government to undertake the electoral process next year.

Finance Minister Tweah described the historic move by the government as a strategic step towards building democratic independence.

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