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Madam Broh Apologizes to Fula Community…..

by Varflay Kamara

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Co-Chairman of the newly formed Anti-Power Theft Taskforce, Madam Mary Broh, has apologized to the Fula Community in Liberia for wrongful comments.

In a public note of apology, Madam Broh said:” I have been made aware of public reaction in the aftermath of an interaction with a member of the Fula Community in Monrovia that my team came across a third-party connection involving a young lady from the Fula Community.”

In the heat of verbal exchange that followed, the Anti-Power Theft Taskforce Boss admitted making comments that she should not have been made, therefore, rendering unreserved apology.

According to her, the expressions used were not intended to cast aspersions on the Fula Community or to question their patriotism.

Meanwhile, Madam Mary Broh has clarified that she harbors no prejudice against anybody or group of people, stating that her ties cut across various sectors of the Liberian society.

As Co-Chair of the Anti-Power Theft Taskforce established by the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC), Madam Broh had visited dozens of neighbor hoods to implement a mandate to disconnect illegal connections.

Several persons caught illegally connected to the LEC line were arrested and penalized, in accordance with law.

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