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Police confiscates firearms and ammunitions at Freeport of Monrovia, launches investigation

by Francis Pelenah Jr,

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Liberia National Police (LNP) has launched an investigation into the discovery of a huge catchment of firearms and assorted ammunitions.

Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue said:” The weapons were discovered both from a container at the Freeport of Monrovia and the G-4 Community in Brewerville.”

Col. Sudue said:” Police investigation has identified one Benjamin Baker, a Liberian based in Texas, the United States of America, as the main suspect sending weapons to Liberia.”

He told a news conference on Thursday, January 5, 2023, that besides the ones discovered from the container, another huge catchment was discovered at suspect Baker’s residence in Barnesville.

The Police Chief said the Liberian Government is working along with its American counterpart to ensure that the prime suspect is brought to Liberia for prosecution.

The Inspector General has since commended the Joint Security and the US Government for the success of the operation.

Meanwhile, the Head of clearing and forwarding company, Gentle Clearing and Forwarding, wants Matrx and Customs officers carry out thorough inspection of containers coming into the Country.

Matrix is Government’s authorized clearing and forwarding company operating at the Freeport of Monrovia.

In an ELBC interview Thursday, January 5, 2023, Mr. Andrew Anderson said:” The lack of oversea and thorough inspection of containers poses serious risk to the Country.”

Mr. Anderson added that effective oversea checking will give authorities clearer insight and understanding of goods imported to Liberia.

The Liberia Business man noted that some importers have taken advantage of the lack of oversea checking to defraud government.

He called on the Liberian Government to prevail on Matrix and Custom officers assigned at the Free Port of Monrovia to ensure that containers are properly checked.

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