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Gov’t achieves digitization of civil servants payroll

by Varflay Kamara


MONROVIA, LIBERIA – The Liberian Government says a major milestone has been archived through the digitalization of civil servants payroll for the first time in the history of the Country.

The Head of Payroll Harmonization at the Ministry of Finance, Del-Francis Wreh, made the disclosure Friday, August 20, 2021, in an ELBC interview.

Mr. Wreh said authorized personnel can access the current payroll by using their smart phones or other electronic devices.

According to him, the digital process is enabling Government detect ghost names or insincere individuals who are using multiple sources to receive salaries from government.

He said due to the new measure, the salaries of about two thousand persons have been suspended for failure to submit the numbers of valid National ID Cards.

At the same time, Mr. Del-Francis Wreh said the Payroll Harmonization has led to a reduction in the number of civil servants.

Prior to the harmonization exercise, Mr. Wreh said there were about seventy-two thousand civil servants on Government’s payroll.

According to him, there are currently about sixty-eight thousand civil servants.

The Payroll Harmonization boss stated that the over four thousand persons removed from the payroll are ghost names, retirees and duplication of names.

Mr. Wreh said the payroll would have remained bloated had Government not put in mechanisms to digitalize it.

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