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LDEA calls for adequate support to fight illicit drug trafficking

by Jos Garneo Cephas Sr.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Deputy Director General for Administration at the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency Col. Dave Phildesco Jackley says the Agency needs support to adequately fight against drug trafficking in Liberia.

Col. Jackley said drug abuse continues to intensify due to the constraints the LDEA is faced with across the country.

He said the lack of equipment, low manpower and the porous borders are key factors hindering the fight against illicit drugs in the country.

Col. Jackley wants urgent actions taken to empower the LDEA tackle the smuggling of narcotic drugs in the country.

He disclosed that the leadership of the Agency and other stakeholders are currently working out modalities for a donor conference to be held next month to raise funds to build the capacity of the entity.

At the same time, the LDEA Deputy Director General for Administration wants the Legislature make the drug law, non -billable.

He said this will help curtail the influx of drugs into the country.

Speaking on ELBC Super Morning Show Wednesday, Col. Jackley said government needs to shut down all illegal entry points in the country and recruit and more manpower.

He said to fight against the smuggling of illicit drugs in Liberia; the LDEA needs equipment and K-9 or sniffer dogs.

Col. Jackly told ELBC, Wednesday, October 6,2021, he is holding consultations with government and partners in the United States to bring Sniffer dogs to help the LDEA in fighting drug crime in Liberia.


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