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Wings for Life to empower ex-convicts in Liberia

by Maximilian K. Kasseh jr

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-A local Non-Governmental Organization, Wings for Life, says proper rehabilitation of inmates is crucial to keeping them away from committing the same crimes, after their sentences.

According to the Organization’s Chief Executive Officer, Raymond Fallah Bombo, rejection and lack of self-sustaining skills are key factors responsible for the recurrent commission of crimes by ex-convicts.

Mr. Bombo said:” After being freed, there is often no acceptance of ex–convicts into society, and that is coupled with lack of sustaining skills, the likelihood of the commission of the same crimes is often high.”

He said they have embarked on establishing homes for former prisoners in order to contribute to the prevention of such unfortunate happenings.

According Mr. Bombo, thirteen-thousand United States Dollars is currently being used to renovate the building that will be used to host their offices and build the capacities of ex–convicts.

Wings for Life House will serve homeless ex-offenders and vulnerable youthful members of our communities, by providing transitional housing and several support services, including case management, job training and placement services, and biblical discipleship through volunteer mentors. Wings for Life House will help provide its residents with the resources they need to become productive citizens and reintegrate themselves into the community without reverting to self-destructive patterns of behavior.

Project goals and objectives are as follows:

Meeting Immediate Needs

  • Provision of transitional housing, food, and clothing.
  • Obtain employment or enroll in job training programs.


  • Develop or strengthen ability to read and write.
  • Improve the ability to budget and deal with finances.
  • Cultivate basic life skills.
  • Encourage enrollment in courses to strengthen ability to obtain a better job, such as trade courses (furniture carpentry, Computer networking, Air condition installations etc.

Social and Spiritual Reintegration

  • Economic Empowerment
  • Develop budget and controlled spending habits.
  • • Maintain a savings account.

  • Encourage good work habits and a positive work ethic.
  • The center will also be an agent to improve public safety and increase the public’s confidence in ex-offenders and vulnerable youths by:
  • producing men and women who are empowered morally, socially, physically, and spiritually
  • Eventually releasing these men and women into the community to make a positive contribution by helping and supporting others like themselves
  • To reduce the rate of relapse into criminal behavior after such ones have served sentences for their actions already and address the psychological causes/effects of crimes
  • To break the cycle of crimes and violence by engaging youthful members of our communities with survival skills both emotional and trade training; and provide employment to young people who have not already ended in prison
  • To prepare incarcerated persons for a successful reintegration into the community after release


  • To provide vocational training in furniture carpentry to vulnerable youths and former incarcerated people
  • To provide employment opportunities for offenders while in prison and after release
  • To produce furniture and other carpentry products with affordable price
  • To create dynamic marketing and sales strategies for products and ensure sustainability
  • To create a shopping environment that caters to the furniture needs of public institutions and the local community in general institutions and the local community in general

By: Mulbah  Kessellie

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