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Liberia champions cause of Africa Trade Mechanisms

by Joseph Sayon

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Ministry of Information says the Liberian Government is championing a cause to set up an African Trade Carbon Mechanism, to ensure Africa benefits from its forest resources.

Information Minister Ledgerhood Rennie said the campaign by Liberia is being championed by President George Weah.

Minister Rennie noted that Africa’s forests are positively contributing to the fight against global warming, and that developing countries must invest more in Africa, especially Liberia that holds forty-three percent of the Upper Guinea forest.

Speaking at the regular MICAT Press briefing on Thursday, May 12, 2022, Minister Rennie said:” President Weah is strong about the setting up of the African Trade Mechanisms, because he wants Africa benefit economically.”

said President Weah’s advocacy stemmed from the He background that Africa is greatly contributing to the fight against global warming and climate change caused by industrialized countries, with little benefit in return.

Information Minster Ledgerhood Rennie said President Weah made the statement recently in the Ivorian capital, Abidjan, at the just ended Heads of State Summit on Drought Resilience and Sustainable Land Management.

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