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Independence Day Nat’l Orator challenges Gov’t Officials to work for Liberia

by Varflay Kamara

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The 175th Independence National Orator has challenged fellow officials of the Liberian Government to work for the people of Liberia.

Commerce Minister Marwine Diggs said:” Instead of ‘romanticizing’ the challenges of the country, officials Government must stick to their responsibilities for which they were entrusted.”

Delivering the national oration for the Independence Day Tuesday, July 26, 2022, Minister Diggs said women must also be prioritized in such regard to change the course of history.

She particularly called on the President and Vice President to continuously partner, in order to make true impact on the lives of the Liberian people.

She said:” Though it would take time to fully rebuild after years of civil war, a strong partnership between President George Weah and Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor will make immense difference in the governance process.”

Meanwhile, Minister Mawine Diggs has applauded President Weah for appointing women to top political leadership positions.

At the same time, Minister Diggs said:” Despite political differences, Liberia remains the common denominator that should unite every citizen.”

She said while it is true that democracy allows descending opinions, unity remains cardinal to the welfare of the citizenry.

According to her, reconciliation is a true requisite for massive developments that promotes common vision in the governance process of the country.

The National Orator wants citizens to recognize the importance of unity and reconciliation in every facet of national life, describing it as the surest way to attracting massive developments and external support.

Commerce Minister Diggs also frowned at some opposition figures and ‘Talk Show’ hosts using their platforms to taint the image of the country.

Madam Diggs expressed shock at the amount of information being spread on social media with the intent to put citizens against the Government.

She said those ‘Talk Show’ hosts and politicians often spew out damping criticisms without offering any solution.

The Commerce Minister wonders why some members of the opposition would speak so negatively about the Country they intend to govern.

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