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“Let’s denounce violence and maintain the peace of our country”

by Maximilian K. Kasseh jr

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Violence is a recipe for destruction and under-development of any society. Liberia, a democratic nation with a youthful population, has witnessed series of violent acts perpetrated mainly by the youth as a way of seeking redress to their grievances.

The most recent one involving group of young people under the banner, CDC Council of Patriots and those of the Student Unification Party of the University of Liberia occurred in Monrovia on July 26, the day of the country’s independence celebration.

The violent act raised eye brows and claimed public attention including foreign missions near the Capital, as was displayed on social media.

In a nationwide address Monday, President George Weah left no stone unturned in strongly condemning the violence carried out by the perpetrators during the country’s Independence Day celebration.

Video footage from the violence shows a member of the UL based Student Unification Party, Christopher Sivili, seriously tortured with severe bodily wounds.

The Liberian Leader has subsequently instructed the Justice Ministry and all security apparatus to begin arresting perpetrators of the violence to face prosecution.

That is why we join ranks with the President in condemning the violence and call on every citizen, be it young or old, to denounce violence as it has the propensity to grossly undermine development and the peace and security of the country.

President Weah made no mistake, when he said “those who claim to love me or follow my political ideology cannot do so through violence, but work to maintain the hard-earned peace the country now enjoys”.


It is a collective responsibility of every Liberian, no matter the political differences, to help maintain peace and stability in the country.

Notwithstanding, we embrace the government’s decision to underwrite the medical bills of all those who sustained injuries from the July 26 violence in Monrovia.

Now that the Liberian Chief-Executive has mandated the Justice Ministry and security apparatus  to immediately arrest perpetrators of the violence and bring them to justice, it is our hope that everyone will remain calm and allow justice to prevail in the interest of our beloved country.

We also want to applaud   Liberia’s   International partners including the US Government and the EU for the concerns   raised   calling for the arrest and prosecution    of all   instigators   and   perpetrators.

We therefore urge all Liberians to shun violence and choose a peaceful path in resolving   any crisis.

By: Victor  D.  Kezelee, Sr.




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