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JFK Hospital admits to improper burial…..

by Varflay Kamara

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital has admitted to conducting mass burial at the JCN Howard Cemetery, Voker Mission, in Paynesville City.

It comes a day after an ELBC investigation revealed illegal and improper burial, which polluted the Voker Mission Community.

Following a meeting with the Voker Mission Community leadership Tuesday, August 9, 2022, the Administrator of the JFK Memorial Hospital, Dr. Jerry Brown, said:” All pieces of evidence showed the burial was done by the hospital.”

Dr. Brown, however, stated that the team charged with the responsibility to ensure bodies and amputated body parts are properly buried did not follow the authorized procedures.

He said those culpable for the act will face administrative action in accordance with the law, and apologized to the community for the unfortunate situation, thus committing to spraying the cemetery with disinfectants in a week’s time.

Tuesday’s meeting with the Voker Mission Community was also attended by a team from the Paynesville City Corporation.

Meanwhile, the Voker Mission Community Leadership has wholeheartedly accepted Dr. Jerry Brown’s apology.

The Community Chairman, Boye Nehwon, said owning up to the unfortunate situation was a show of great leadership by Dr. Brown.

Speaking in an ELBC interview shortly after the joint meeting, Mr. Nehwon also accepted a request by the JFK Head to have the cemetery sprayed.

According to him, the spraying will reduce the stench caused by decayed bodies.

He then appealed for the fencing of the cemetery and construct ion of latrine and hand pump for residents living close to the gravesite.

Mr. Nehwon vowed that punitive actions will be taken against those who aided in the mass burial on Friday, August 5, 2022.

Also Speaking, the PCC Public Relations Officer, Jeremiah Diggen, thanked ELBC for unearthing the incident and the JFK for taking responsibility for the action.

Mr. Diggen said the PCC will work with the JFK and the Voker Mission Community for future engagements in  the interest of the community.

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