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Big boost for Liberians, as forty-one thousand households around Monrovia are poised to get electricity

by Maximilian K. Kasseh jr

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Electricity is cardinal to the economic growth of any nation, through its sustenance of industries, security and domestic activities.

Since the eruption of the Liberian civil crisis that led to a total destruction of the Country’s chief power source, the Mount Coffey Hydro power plant, the issue of electricity has become a major challenge for the country, especially in Monrovia and its suburbs with a huge population.

There have been protests by community residents in demand of electricity supply, with some level of interventions made by government to remedy the situation. However, such interventions have unfortunately been undermined by rampant power theft orchestrated by unscrupulous individuals.

On August 16, 2022 the sub-station of the Liberia Electricity Corporation on the Old Road was officially commissioned as part of effort to expand power to Monrovia and surrounding areas.

During the occasion, European Union Ambassador to Liberia, Laurent Delahousse, warned citizens against power theft.

The Head of the EU Delegation to Liberia emphasized that President George Weah’s Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development is the best development strategy for Liberia, and vowed that the European Union is a genuine actor in partnering with the government to implement policies set in the PAPD.

Indeed, his commendation to Liberia’s Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel Tweah for developing and implementing a new era of dialogue and coordination with development partners is in the right direction.

In the wake of the unfolding development, we applaud the European Union for providing funding for the substation, under the Monrovia Consolidation of Electricity Transmissions and Distribution Project.

The two-year project is being funded from the 11th European Development Fund (EDF), with similar one implemented under the 9th EDF for the electricity grids.

Under the two programs, the EU has earmarked and invested substantially in the energy sector with a total budget of approximately 100 million Euros in Liberia.

With the construction of the new Congo Town substation on the Old Road, and the extension of additional three substations around Monrovia, the LEC is now providing electricity to approximately 41,000 households.

In addition, more than 70 communities in Central Monrovia, Sinkor, Congo Town, Paynesville, and outside of Monrovia are currently benefiting from LEC’s enhanced power supply generated by the Mount Coffee Hydro Plant with an increased capacity and use of cost-efficient means.

With these interventions by the government and partners, we are optimistic that the solution to the provision of durable electricity across the city is gradually at hand to give relief to the citizens. What we can say now is let everyone serve as watch dog in reporting and curbing power theft which grossly undermines the provision of electricity. This has been an ELBC Commentary titled.

By: Victor D. Kezelee, Sr.

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