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Local IT Company Moves to Technologize Health, Education Sectors…

by Jarp Davies

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Liberian Health and Education Authorities and a local IT company, Tamma Corporation, have launched software applications to help digitize the Education and Health sectors.

The Education Authorities have agreed to introduce Tamma Corporation’s built Public Examination Preparatory Platform (PEPP) and School Management Software Solution (School Mass) software applications, to synchronize school management and adequately prepare students for public examinations.

The Health Ministry has approved the use of Tamma Corporation’s made Electronic Patients Dossier (ePad) software to help deliver health services to patients, regardless of their location.

Health Authorities and the   Company launched the ePad software at the Monrovia City Hall on March 28, 2023, while the Company and the Ministry of Education launched the PEPP software in Ganta, Nimba County, on March 31, 2023.

At a news conference over the weekend, the CEO and Founder of Tamma Corporation, Abdullah Kamara, said ePad is a product that will revolutionize how people manage their health services and their health records.

“ePad is a patient centric tool, it’s an app that you can have on your phone and you can use that to track your health record,” Mr. Kamara told journalists.

He explained that hospitals can use the app maintain proper records of patients to track their history.

Mr. Kamara added that “Even if you left from here and went to the US, to India or wherever for treatment, you can just open your app and the app will tell the doctor that’s meeting you over there, what was your last treatment, where you had the treatment, what was the diagnosis and everything will be on that app.”

Mr. Kumara said:” ePad has an important feature that takes care of the issue of medical insurance, medical sponsorship as well as medical drug tracking.”

The Tamma Corporation CEO and Founder announced that his entity is making the Electronic Patients Dossier (ePad) available for free for all government hospitals.

Commenting on the Public Examination Preparatory Platform (PEPP) software, Mr. Kamara said the app is designed to help students prepare for their WASSCE and WAEC exams at their own pace and convenience, from anywhere and at any time.

According to Mr. Kamara, the PEPP platform will provide unlimited access to questions and answers from various subjects, allowing students to practice and prepare for the exams.

He said,” We got two years of WASSCE exams questions and answers, and good thing about it is that as soon as you take the test and submit, you get your answer right away.”

Mr. Kamara believes that the app will assist students preparing for the public exams to understand their strength and weaknesses, and better focus on subjects that they need to improve in.

About the School Management Software Solution (School Mass) software, Mr. Kamara explained that the technology will help schools automate their processes, including attendance, grading and school fees, among others.

He lauded the Ministries of Education and Health for the trust repose in his company to help digitize the sectors.

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