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Pres. Weah Did Not Veto Elections Law…..

by Varflay Kamara

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Liberian Government has clarified that President George Weah has not vetoed the section of New Elections Law intended to guarantee thirty-percent women’s participation in the National Legislature.

The Liberian Government said it is also taken aback that the Association of Female Lawyers (AFELL) has elevated such false narrative through its President, Atty. Philomena Williams.

In a MICAT release issued recently, in his communication to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bhofal Chambers, dated March 9, 2023, made clear his support for such crucial aspect of the legislation submitted for his approval, while detailing reasons for his objection to other sections.

The release said it is surprising that the media and some civil society actors, including AFELL, have elected to maliciously skew the fact.

According to the release, the Liberian Leader has consistently expressed his support for greater women participation in all aspects of governance, which he backed the effort of Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor and Gender Minister Williametta Saydee-Tarr, who encouraged this essential affirmative action bill that was sponsored by the Women’s Legislative Caucus.

It said during their long legislative debates on the matter, the deserved vocal support for Atty. Williams was absent.

Meanwhile, the President’s letter has been sent to the Leadership of the National Legislature.

Meanwhile, the Government is encouraging the media and civil society to continue being the moral conscience of society and avoid being made pawns by politicians.

It said recently AFELL President made similar unsubstantiated claims in the case involving the death of the daughter of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott, even before police investigation began earnest.

The Liberian Government described as unfortunate such trend seems to be gaining traction, as the Country moves closer to elections in October.

It urged those expected to hold it to account to ensure the public discourse is grounded in fact, instead of allowing themselves to get dawn in the different political machinations.

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